HoT is the New IoT: What If We Think of Health as a Platform?

We are living through a tremendous wave of digital disruption, and it is said that this is just the beginning. Digital technologies are transforming the way we are living, consuming, learning and relating.

All sectors and businesses have felt the impact: media, retailers, agribusiness… and of course, healthcare.

Health is being digitalized —eHealth— and along the way we are finding the same challenges, opportunities, and changes that occur in other sectors.

But there’s a new perspective that is not being taken into account and that has enormous transformation potential: to stop seeing health as vertical, and transform it to be transversal. Health as a platform.

We are not talking about technology applied to health, but health applied to technology, something like The Health of Things. It consists in conceiving health as a layer upon which an ecosystem of value can be supported. Parallel to and at the same level as technology.

Nike+: Is it a technological ecosystem or a health ecosystem?

When we stop looking at health as vertical, we realize that it has the same transformative power as technology: it is radically transforming the media, retailers, agribusiness, and healthcare itself.

Health went from an issue that we didn’t want to discuss to a topic that we had to worry about, and little by little it is becoming in the basis for how we live, consume, and relate.

The consequences and the development of this point of view are never ending, both for the healthcare industry and the mass market. A bidirectional path that will transform health so that it is no longer a specific topic limited by place, time, and people, but rather a global, ubiquitous, and connected matter.

It is difficult to anticipate the interactions that will arise between health as a platform and health as a vertical. What is clear, however, is that it is something that is happening now. Maybe there will come a day in which we will start writing “h-” in front of some words, like we now write the famous “e-“